A big thank you to all of our Keynote Speakers and Volunteers!


Steve Lysenko

Senior Engineer @ NC Clean Energy Technology Center

Steve Lysenko is a Senior Engineer at the NC Clean Energy Technology Center which is part of the College of Engineering at North Carolina State University. He currently performs energy efficiency audits as well as technical and financial assessments for renewable energy systems such as solar PV, solar PV with battery storage, wind power, geothermal, anaerobic digestion, microgrids, and more with the overall goal of reducing the nation’s carbon footprint. Steve graduated from Iowa State University with a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering and a master’s degree co-majoring in mechanical engineering and biorenewable resources and technology. He has been a registered professional engineer since 2012, currently holding active licenses in Pennsylvania and North Carolina. He has over 15 years of engineering experience working in the power generation, utilities, and renewable energy fields.

Dave Michelson

Chief Product Officer @ NEMAC

Dave is a seasoned veteran with around 30 years of experience in the geospatial industry. Currently serving as the Chief Product Officer at UNC Asheville's NEMAC, and gets excited to architect innovative software solutions that meet the needs of NEMAC's partners.

Dave's values align with the openness, transparency, and freedom associated with the philosophy of open-source projects and civic tech. Dave always seeks to foster a dynamic environment where ideas flourish and boundaries are pushed.

Outside of work, Dave enjoys exploring the Mountains of Western North Carolina with his family—an awesome wife, two wonderful children, and a spirited lab mix.


Marc Baumbach

Head of Engineering @ Seguno Software

Workshop Lead, Judge, Technical Advisor (Durham) 

Marc Baumbach is a co-founder and engineering leader of a tech startup, Seguno Software that helps Shopify merchants execute on marketing campaigns.

Michael Martine

Director, Asset Engineering @ IBM

Workshop Lead (Morganton), Technical Advisor (Durham, Morganton), Judge

Michael is currently the Director, Asset Engineering, a business and information technology executive in IBM’s Consulting division. He leads an extraordinarily talented team of several hundred professionals who build, enhance and maintain IBM Consulting’s differentiated software Assets leveraging AI solutions across multiple business domains. These Assets represent the best of IBM Consulting’s intellectual property, co-created with clients, scaled from cutting edge IBM Research innovation and accelerated from recent IBM Consulting acquisitions.

Corey White

Founder and CEO @ OpenPlains Inc.

Workshop Lead, Technical Advisor (Durham)

Dr. White is the founder of OpenPlains Inc. whose mission is to democratize geospatial modeling in flood resilience planning. His research focuses on participatory geospatial modeling and open source software engineering. He received his Ph.D. from NC State University in Geospatial Analytics and serves as a research software engineer and lecturer for the Center for Geospatial Analytics.

Veronica Andreo

Researcher @ CGA, NCSU

Workshop Lead (Durham)

Veronica Andreo holds a PhD in Biology and an MSc in Remote Sensing and GIS Applications. She is part of the GRASS Dev Team, and serves as PSC chair since 2021. She is currently working at the Center for Geospatial Analytics, NC State University, within an NSF grant aimed at bolstering and broadening the software ecosystem of GRASS GIS.

Balaji Srinivasan

Global Director, AI Business Development @ Intel

Workshop Lead (Durham)

Balaji SrinivasanI enables enterprises WW to understand how they can use Intel CPU and GPU technologies to solve business problems with long standing AI ML, DL analytics, both NLP and CV. He also championed the effort to use LLMs including RAG, multi-modal to accelerate business operations and customer engagement. HeI meets with the CxO and data scientist audience at large and small enterprises. AI is ridiculously fun!

Michael Owoc

Lead Fullstack Engineer - Online Services @ Omni Creator Products

Technical Advisor (Durham)

Through his role, Michael Owoc is responsible for building online services that power video game accounts, server management, matchmaking, e-commerce, etc.

Riley Martine

Software Engineer @ Integral Ad Science

Workshop Lead (Virtual)

Riley Martine works in developer experience–internal tooling and jack-of-all-trades type work. Her team maintains and develops our internal developer platform, interviews and assists teams to increase their productivity, and sometimes helps out with CICD/DevOps type work.

Geoffrey Fylak

Associate Software Developer @ SAS Institute

Workshop Lead (Durham)

Geoffrey Fylak develops and maintains the CI/CD pipeline for the SAS Viya 4 platform.

Andi Hariyono

Network Engineer & Web Developer @ IntellaPlex

Technical Advisor (Durham)

Andi Hariyono provides technical support within the company he works for. He has a background in Electrical Engineering, Computer Science and Web Development. He designs fiber optics wide area networks, develops monitoring and support systems, and assists the network operation center. His clients include school districts, local governments and health care providers in North Carolina.

Christa Beerel

IT Management @ Department of State


Christa Beerel is responsible for the data analysis of and data management for systems. 

Danny Siegle

Owner @ Possible Futures


Danny Siegle is a biologist by training with work experience in genomics, machine learning and software development.

Dylan Brisco

Backend Software Engineer @ IBM

Workshop Lead (Durham)

Dylan Brisco is a performance and scale testing engineer working for IBM Cloud. 

Scott Morrison

Associate Director, CRC Live Operations @ Ubisoft


Scott Morrison leads several teams whose mission is to promptly identify, investigate, and drive the resolution of incidents that impact customer experience with our live products and services.  This involves close collaboration with teams in production, business, and IT, and the ability to speak to and understand all those various audiences and their respective priorities.

Vrinda Desai

Lead Teaching Assistant for Intro CS Course @ UNC Department of Computer Science

Technical Advisor (Durham)

Vrinda Desai is a Computer Science student in her final year at UNC Chapel Hill. She has spent the last three years serving as an undergraduate teaching assistant for an introductory Python programming course for two different professors. As the head TA for this course, she assists in curriculum design, creating the exercises, exams, and projects for the course. Every semester, Vrinda works with over 600 students offering conceptual tutoring, assignment help, and communicating with personal student cohorts. 

Vaclav (Vashek) Petras

Sr. Research Software Engineer @ North Carolina State University

Technical Advisor (Durham)

Vashek creates landscape, environmental, and geospatial computer models. Additionally, he develops and maintains an open-source data analytics tool GRASS GIS.


Introduction to Arduino

Dylan Brisco (Backend Software Engineer @ IBM)

Logistics: March 2nd @11:00am - 12:00pm

Zoom Link: https://ncssm.zoom.us/j/96676285590?pwd=ODlOZDFLZjZOZU1zeG83Y3FUMkh0dz09

Introduction to GRASS GIS Geospatial Processing

Corey White (Founder and CEO @ OpenPlains Inc.)

Anna Petrasova

Veronica Andreo (Researcher @ CGA, NCSU)

Logistics: March 2nd @1:00pm - 2:00pm

Zoom Link: https://ncssm.zoom.us/j/96676285590?pwd=ODlOZDFLZjZOZU1zeG83Y3FUMkh0dz09

Introduction to Git and Version Control

Riley Martine (Software Engineer @ IAS)

Logistics: March 2nd @2:00pm - 3:00pm

Zoom Link: https://ncssm.zoom.us/j/96676285590?pwd=ODlOZDFLZjZOZU1zeG83Y3FUMkh0dz09

Introduction to RAG/LLM

Balaj Srinivasan (Global Director, AI Business Development @ Intel)

Logistics: March 2nd @3:00pm - 4:00pm

Zoom Link: https://ncssm.zoom.us/j/96676285590?pwd=ODlOZDFLZjZOZU1zeG83Y3FUMkh0dz09


Building Consoles / Terminal UIs

Marc Baumbach (Head of Engineering  @ Seguno)

Logistics: March 3rd @11:00am - 12:00pm

Zoom Link: https://ncssm.zoom.us/j/96676285590?pwd=ODlOZDFLZjZOZU1zeG83Y3FUMkh0dz09

Introduction to GitHub & CI/CD pipelines

Geoffrey Fylak (Associate Software Developer @ SAS)

Logistics: March 3rd @1:00pm - 2:00pm

Zoom Link: https://ncssm.zoom.us/j/96676285590?pwd=ODlOZDFLZjZOZU1zeG83Y3FUMkh0dz09

AI and Sustainability: For People and The Planet

Michael Martine (Director, Asset Engineering @ IBM)

Logistics: March 3rd @2:00pm - 3:00pm

Zoom Link: https://ncssm.zoom.us/j/96676285590?pwd=ODlOZDFLZjZOZU1zeG83Y3FUMkh0dz09